Saturday, August 20, 2011

0053: French Pastries

"Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."
- Ernestine Ulmer - 

I have this wonderful French bakery about 5 minutes away from my house. This little gem of a place makes all their goodies on site and has been around since 1986. (Here is their website if you are ever in Ft Lauderdale... Croissan' Time.)

These are my recent acquisitions :-)
Almondine Tarte - this should last two sittings but I had mine in one...
I ate it very mindfully so I felt no guilt afterwards. (And I ran in the morning :-)

It was SO incredibly moist and yummy! I had one as soon as I got home.
Just this precious little tarte, a cup of tea and me
I savored every bite then went to take a nap. 
What can I say about this "coffee cake"... it took up my entire cake pedestal so you can imagine how big it was.
If you are from New Orleans you will understand when I say it had the consistency of King Cake.
It was a soft cake with moist pieces and had some kind of glaze inside and out and golden raisins.
I'm really not sure what it had but it was yummy and a hit at the family dinner party I took it to.
(I don't typically cook so I make up with great - homemade - purchases!!)
It looked like a giant cinnamon roll but it wasn't. But I can see it being a distant French cousin of the cinnamon roll....

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