Friday, August 19, 2011

0051: South Pointe Park, Miami Beach

This is a cool place to chill. So for years I've gone to the Smith & Wollensky here at South Pointe but never really walked beyond the restaurant until yesterday. To my surprise there are 17 acres to this park...

Here are some pics, enjoy them:
A little walkway to the boardwalk from the parking.
Tiny little white puffs. They weren't dandelions but still flew apart when you picked
them and blew on them - we made wishes just in case... 
Walking along the rocks for a shot - miracle there wasn't a fall in :-)
Boulders got bigger as we moved closer to the ocean...
It was so HOT but cool shot of the sun right -
you can almost feel the heat just from this picture!
Seagrapes, I was so tempted to taste the red ones but resisted assuming they would be sour. 
Walkway to the beach. A bit empty with the dark clouds rolling in....
There is something cool about a well worn bike!
How beautiful is it to see rain over the ocean but to still have sun on your face and the ocean at your feet? 
The lifeguard stand at South Pointe's Beach - nice!
In Miami style - the walkway is lit with these big light towers. Notice the Miami skyline in the back?
This place was a great little find for me, literally steps away from a place I've been going to for years.
Funny what you can find when you open your eyes.

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