Thursday, August 18, 2011

0050: Cursive Writing

I think cursive can be beautiful. 
Some people say it may be headed towards extinction... and although I typically print, this was my reminder to slow down and appreciate the art of cursive writing... 
Click here to read the article that discusses the potential "death of cursive handwriting" - kind of dramatic right?? But when do you really see cursive anymore? Rarely in my case... my mom is the only person I know that always uses cursive - she has beautiful penmanship!!

In my mind I write clearer when I print but I can't even remember the last time I wrote in cursive. So to encourage the use of cursive writing, I found this article that can help improve penmanship (The Art of Penmanship, its a bit lengthy and utterly thorough! -click here to read it). It had several tips and exercises which seem easy enough. Who knows, calligraphy next?? A beautiful fountain pen? OK, maybe not but try these out:   

Follow around in the same line, as closely as possible. Do not shade.

0 0 8

The same exercise, only with ovals drawn out and slight shade added to each down stroke.

Sides of ovals should be even, forming as straight a line as possible. Then reverse the movement. I think I'm going to need lines for this one!

After having practiced these exercises, then you'll be ready to move onto the vertical movement. In order to obtain the lateral movement, which lets you write long words without lifting the pen, and move easily and gracefully across the page.

Down strokes straight. Even and resting on a line.


These kind of exercises can be multiplied almost indefinitely by repeating many of the small letters, such as m, u, e, r, s, a, d, h and c, also capitals D, J, P, etc.

So happy writing!!! 

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