Tuesday, August 2, 2011

0030: Shark Week

by Gerard Soury
Every year that I watch Shark Week (started July 31) I am completely captured by the awesomeness of these ocean predators. Sharks scare the heck out of me and I know not to swim at dawn or dusk and not to wear reflective jewelry (like silver) in the ocean and that a great white can sense a drop of blood a gazillion miles away and if I'm ever attacked, go for the eyes.... and I know they don't "prefer" humans but they still scare me. And JAWS didn't help, it left such an imprint in my mind that I fill with fear anytime I think there is one near me in the ocean. My fear is 99.9% in charge when I am in the ocean and I see a shadow in the water or think I've seen a fin out of the corner of my eye - my mind goes blank with all these tidbits I've learned over the years... Can you imagine what this surfer is thinking?!?!?

Anyway, just because I am scared of them doesn't mean I don't think they are amazing or that I don't go into the ocean... they are incredible and beautiful and I respect them and their home. The sad thing is that I am starting to realize that we are more of a threat to them than they are to us...

If you have a few minutes check out some of the videos on the Discovery Channel site and just because, here are a few of their pics:

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