Thursday, August 11, 2011

0042: Self-Reliance

Although this poem may seem a little dark, I find it empowering and uplifting. In 2008, when I decided to make a 'radical' change in my life there were several people that advised against me "just leaving" my career, that the "grass isn't always greener on the other side", that "it's not the right time to do something like that", etc, etc. I know that some of these people were just playing it safe, trying to give me advice that was right for them... Internal and external voices of doubt were loud and confusing but I shut my eyes and dug deep inside of myself and knew what I had to do. AND I hung on to the positive voices I came across because for all those negative comments, I got twice as many encouraging ones from my family and those that love me. MY decision to make a significant change in MY life is one I am most proud of. I am grateful for the path I am on today. There is still a ways to go :-) but I'm in control, my head, heart and gut are in sync. I am no longer swimming against the currents - so, if I have any advice to give: listen to your inner voice, take some time to plan and make a move. 


I realize now that I am alone.
On myself I must learn to rely.
I have to begin to stand on my own.
If I fail I must continue to try.

I can ask others for their opinions,
But ultimately it's I who'll decide.
I'll be the ruler of my dominion,
Determining which road I'll take with pride.

Though some may disagree with my choices,
Thinking they know a better path to take.
Though people in abuse raise their voices,
It's up to me my destiny to make.

By being true to myself I begin
To learn how to stand alone; how to win.

- by Kathleen Delicato -


  1. Sound advise accompanied by a solid poem. bravo

  2. I love it! I don't take this poem as dark at all; in fact, I see it more as an eye opener! Things are much clearer when looking with your own eyes; I believe that is exactly how God intended it!