Friday, August 5, 2011

0034: Gourmet Food Trucks

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE good food so gourmet food trucks are beautiful things. Especially when a couple of dozen meet up for a delicious food festival! It's like eating at several high-end restaurants in one go. And the casual atmosphere makes it cool - especially on these hot days when you don't feel like dressing up!!

While other U.S. cities including New York, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon, have had established food truck scenes for several years (more than a decade in the case of Portland and LA), Miami's obsession with food trucks is fairly recent at only about two-years-old. Despite its infancy, food truck meet-ups in Miami and Ft Lauderdale are more popular than ever.

Each truck has its own personality, customized with unique color schemes and graphics to reflect the vibe of the food and the chefs behind it. However, it's the food that's the real star of the show! From Cuban-influenced burgers, to Asian-style chicken wings, and even deep-fried cupcakes (which I didn't try!), these food trucks have something for everyone! (More here.)

So amid the DJ spinning and the picnic gatherings along the little lake, I ate small portions ;-) from several trucks - my favorite was Munch & Move On! They had this Asian short rib soft taco - YUM!!! 

There was also a great mac n cheese from CheeseMe... and this short rib sandwich from the Slow Food Truck... and MexZican had these great carne asada tacos... I heard Latin Burger and Taco was really good but I was too full to try. Which was a miss for me as Food Network star Ingrid Hoffman is behind that truck! Another tidbit is that the gourmet Miami truck craze was started with Latin Burger then gastroPub back in 2009... I'm definitely hitting those two next time.(Check out the Miami Food Truck schedule here.)

So, next time you are looking for a casual good time with fantastic food, good music and good cocktails then consider a food truck rally. Items ranged from $2 - $14 so you can't go wrong!

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