Tuesday, August 2, 2011

0031: Pinkberry!!

Pinkberry is coming to Aventura!! There is apparently one in "The Prado" which is south of Miami airport - I'm never that far south but Aventura is one of my favorite malls so I'll definitely have it within reach once they open.

Until now I've only been able to enjoy it when I travel to L.A. So to my surprise I noticed a parked Pinkberry truck when I was driving today and I almost crashed trying to figure out where the store was - I know, but it's SO yummy!!! I just got home and looked online, it's "swirling soon" so more to come. Check if there is a location near you - not only is it so good it's healthy. 

It's like a guilt-free pleasure and I LOVE those. Their beautiful stores always have staple flavors and seasonal flavors  (like salted caramel or mango...) then a ton of mainly fresh toppings to pick from. Like this:

I know, sounds like any old yogurt shop but you just have to taste it, it's different and so much better than your typical frozen yogurt. It's like finding a great gelato store; this is a great yogurt store.  

Where does the Pinkberry concept come from?
The creation of Swirly Goodness® dates back to January 2005, when co-founders Shelly Hwang, a restaurateur, and Young Lee, a Parsons-trained designer with a fascination for desserts and frozen treats, blended past inspirations from an Italian gelato store with fond memories of mixing fruit with soft serve at a Hawaiian pineapple plantation. The result was Pinkberry’s perfect marriage of extraordinary taste palates, inspired design and a social experience that indulges the senses. (

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