Saturday, July 30, 2011

0027: Miracles - 3 things learned while a plane crashed...

"I was given the gift of a miracle of not dying that day. I was given another gift which was to be able to see into the future and come back and live differently." - Ric Elias

Photo: NY Times

Ric Elias had a front-row seat on Flight 1549, the plane that crash-landed in the Hudson River in New York in January 2009. What went through his mind as he heard “Brace for impact” (see video – 5:03 minutes)?

Three things he realized that day:
1. It all changes in an instant –> I no longer want to postpone anything. I got a sense of urgency and purpose that has changed my life.

2. In my humanity, I let my ego in. I regret the time I wasted with the things that didn’t matter with people that matter –> Now I focus on eliminating negative energy – I no longer try to be right, I chose to be happy.

3. Dying is not scary, it is very sad – I thought, I don’t want to go… that sadness framed with one thought, I only wish I could see my kids grow up -> Now I know that above all, the only goal I have in life is to be a good dad.

How would you change?

*** I wrote this blog before hearing about Caribbean Airlines Flight 523 which crashed in Guyana on this same day. The Boeing 737 landed but failed to stop in rainy weather, it overshot the runway and crashed through the perimeter fence. When it stopped it broke into two sections. The crazy part, or rather the miracle, is that the plane stopped just short of a 200-foot (60-meter) ravine which could have resulted in many fatalities. There was no fire and only 7 of the 157 passengers and 6 crew were injured. (Read more.) ***

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