Monday, July 25, 2011

0020: The Beach

It's summer in Florida and the beaches seem to always be packed. But every once in awhile we get a special little gift - a downpour... nothing clears a beach out quicker than a good downpour. Which if you live here you know they don't typically last. So the other day some friends and I headed to the beach right after an afternoon downpour. Here are a few of the shots - enjoy... 

Great ocean breezes, nice salt air, and an abandoned beach all to ourselves :-)

No one left on the beach. The umbrellas were abandoned.
But perfectly poised for a picture!

The sun was setting, there was a lot of seaweed - I guess from the storm.
I love this angle... the seaweed, that was no more than 3 inches high,
has a cliffside likeness...

Later in the evening there was a spectacular lightning show. This was a lucky shot,
the evening was totally dark when I captured lightning illuminating the skies.

The last shot of the evening - the complete disappointment that we were leaving.
She was so bummed but fell straight to sleep when we got home!

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