Saturday, July 2, 2011

0002: Long Weekends

So the 4th of July is on a Monday this year and I planned on NOT planning anything this weekend. I've made slight commitments but nothing solid so no pressure.

Yesterday, which was Friday, I signed up for a week of unlimited Bikram yoga. I am a pretty regular vinyasa and occasional Ashtanga yogi but Bikram just kicked my butt!!! It was like going from the jungle gym to an olympic training facility - yeah intense. The 105 degrees was insane, at 15 minutes my eyes were hanging on to the hands of the clock wishing it to go faster. It was just SO hot... but then I got lost in the practice about 30 min in and when I saw how much I was sweating - and I dont sweat easily - I equated that to progress, to detox, to departing fat and calories and increased power and focus. It was amazing, especially once it was over :-) When I got up to gather my things I looked at my yoga towel, it looked like someone had poured water on it and made a human shape. My yoga towel had NEVER seen that much water (sweat) outside of the washing machine!! I couldnt help but smile at my little unplanned achievement. After starting the day with something so intense productivity just went downhill from there. I putzed around for the day at my house and was very chillaxed. I read, napped, took my puppy for a nice long walk and avoided calls.

Today, I went to day 2 of Bikram and with a better sense as to what was going to happen it turned out to be a better experience. The class was over before I knew it and my body was sore, soaked and thankful. Again, my greatest appreciation came after the class... So with a burst of energy I met a couple of friends for lunch and have committed to trying a new tapas bar and restaurant in the neighborhood later today. My day is also filled with errands and laundry - yes, the unglamorous that must be tended to...

So, I guess what I was starting to say before I went astray was that I think long weekends can be beautiful for the spirit. Especially when we allow life to lead the way, no plans but aware that each step is a gift. It energizes me thinking of all the possibilities... I sleep in, go for long bike rides, head to the ocean, take longer walks with my puppy, catch up with friends and family, enjoy the simple act of reading, and simply work on the art of being.

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