Wednesday, July 6, 2011

0006: Rainy Days

Today is overcast and raining. Not a constant rain, a typical Florida pattern of rain, drizzle, sun, drizzle, sun, rain, etc until the sun wins - which it always does. But not much sun today...

So, I am running around town doing errands and I leave my car securely in a parking building. I am about 3-4 blocks from my destination but as I step out of the building I notice I forgot my umbrella in the car. Do I go get it? It's not that far or do I just get on with it? It's only a light rain so I shrug and step out into the rain. It feels great, just enough to cool off the skin. It's in the mid-80s so the rain only brings a smile to my face. I see a few others hustling by with their umbrellas and I smile even more. It almost feels like I'm laughing with God, just the two of us. It's not raining that hard, it's more like a drizzle so I straighten up and enjoy my short walk through the rain. Then I pass a small group of business people huddled and walking briskly - they forgot their umbrella too. And when I make eye contact, every single person had a smile as wide as mine. We were all adults but it felt like we were on a playground.

I enter the place I am going to, do my thing then head back out. Anxious to see how drenched I can get, I'm giggling to myself as the light rain continues to fall. This time I see an officer checking for parking violators, I wave and say hi and score another wide smile. We are both in the rain, we are sharing a moment not many people would dare enjoy - well, not many adults anyway. And yes, he is doing his job but his smile was completely voluntary! :-)

I am getting close to the parking building and I don't see anyone, I stop, look up, close my eyes and catch a few drops on my tongue. I close my mouth and try to taste the drops to no avail but catch a few last ones on my face. Then I open my eyes, look around - phew, no one - and go on my way. This raindrop moment only took about 15 seconds but what a beautiful moment. I felt like this little kid...

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