Wednesday, November 30, 2011

0085: Persistence

So I'll admit, yesterday's blog was pretty weak - I just got desperate to say I was somewhat on track with this 30-day challenge (bike, blog and draw daily). BUT today is different... I'm re-focused... Today is Day 6 and I have gone on a 7-mile bike ride... here are a couple of pictures from this morning's ride:

My beach, Ft Lauderdale - a perfect bike route!!
It is a gorgeous day today!!
This was a shot from a bridge I had to bike over... I was definitely feeling the burn!!
So one down - and I am blogging now so all I have to really do is draw which I know I can do later... so close! This would be my second day (of 6) that I do all three!!

Although I haven't been doing so well on my challenge I don't give up easily (in case you hadn't noticed, I don't focus easily either :-). And having to report out that I haven't done these easy tasks is a bit embarrassing so that will hopefully get me motivated. We shall see...

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