Friday, November 25, 2011

0081: A 30-Day Challenge

So I am thinking of taking on a 30-day challenge. It is an interesting concept I heard about on (Matt Cutts: Try Something new for 30 days). Its only 30 days, how bad can it be? My challenge - to myself - (today through December 24th) will include 1. Biking around town, 2. Daily blogging, and 3. Drawing. Seems achievable right? The intent is that I will do these things everyday for 30 days. 

I've always wanted to bike more; I even got a bike satchel while I was in Belgium - because in my heart I was determined to bike more. I've only been biking twice since November 14... I know, not enough but these next 30 days will hopefully help me form new, positive habits :-)

Blogging - I've just been so absent with my vacations but this should get me back on track. The funny thing is that I love to do it but it's so easy to get distracted...

Drawing - I've always had an interest and have recently begun sketching and drawing - on paper and on my iPad. But I never seem to do enough of it so I hope I can stick to this one.

My bike sketch...
We will see, no expectations, just fun for 30 days... wish me luck and let me know if you will be doing a challenge - I can always use a partner in crime...

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