Sunday, November 27, 2011

0083: Artistic Collaborations

My niece and I have recently begun "collaborating" as "artists at heart". We literally draw something, and challenge the other to draw the next step and before you know it we have a piece of "art" :-) Right now we are primarily using an iPad app called Art Set, it's perfect for us novice artists... so I thought I'd share the couple of pieces we have done so far...

I simply love this one because it was our first and it has so many things we have shared together: piglet (from our love of all things Pooh related), sweaters (we live in S. Florida and live for cool weather days), we love stripes, we love cupcakes (any sweets really...), Willy Wonka (yep, those are Johnny Depp's sunglasses), Picasso's dog (appreciating the simplicity that art can represent), a French beret (we are in love with Paris)... To have no idea what the theme or outcome will be is also cool, to give up control of what will be the result is good practice as it keeps us open minded and to both be satisfied with what we've created together is, as they say, "PRICELESS!!!
Today's sketch - our starting point was the eye, our last step was giving the girl a painting
to hang on her wall - yes, our first painting :-) that was my niece's idea - brilliant!!! 

30 Day Challenge Update - DAY 3 - I just blogged, I drew but no bike ride today... but yesterday, DAY 2, I blogged, did 7 miles on my bike and drew (barely but did play around with colors). So, I may not be there yet but I certainly am feeling optimistic :-)

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