Tuesday, March 6, 2012

0098: Happy 100th Birthday to Oreos

Remember the joy of dunking your Oreos or of twisting the two sides and licking or scraping the inside then chewing up the cookies in your mouth and smiling so you could show off your chocolate laced teeth??!?!? Or of seeing who could stack these yummy cookies the highest? Yep, I do and what better reason to do them again!!! No matter what age we are, Oreo turns 100 years old today!!  :-)

So, in celebration - Five Fun Facts: 

1. A 1920s ad for the cookie. A Nabisco worker shows off a ’70s-era Oreo press mold.
The National Biscuit Company factory (now Chelsea Market) before 1932, when the
High Line rail was incorporated. Source: NY Post

2. Oreos can be bought in more than 100 countries and rake in $1.5 billion
in global annual revenues. More than 95 million cookies are sold each day.

3. Did you know that the cookie, which takes 59 minutes to make, consists of 12 flowers,
12 dots and 12 dashes on each side. Each cookie has 90 ridges?

4. Oreos are made from 29 percent creme and 71 percent cookie. They are
made in 21 bakeries around the world. Kraft Foods estimates that more than
500 billion Oreos have been sold since 1912.

5. Oreo will be a cornerstone brand of a new firm to be formed later this year when Kraft Foods divides into two companies. One, a worldwide snacks firm with annual revenue estimated at $35 billion, will be home to brands like Oreo and Cadbury; the other, a North American grocery products company, will have annual revenue estimated at $18 billion from brands like Maxwell House and Oscar Mayer.

So for now, take part in the celebration with the limited-edition variety called Birthday Cake Oreos - twist, dunk, stack, enjoy!!!

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  1. I love your facts about Oreos! I had no idea that there each cookie has 12 flowers, 12 dots, 12 dashes on each side, and 90 ridges.

    Fabulous entry!