Monday, March 26, 2012

0100: Do You Want More?

Happiness is only when you want nothing

‘While trudging on the path he chose in life
He worked a lot for the money he earned
But one day God graced his doors
And the lesson of happiness he learned.’

‘I am impressed by your work my child,
Every pleasure of life you own
Although you have alot
The smile you had is now gone!’

‘But I am happy, who says I am not
I enjoy it, I enjoy a lot.’

‘Now dear, this is the happiness test –
Are you happy with all you have?
The immediate answer was big YES.
God asked again – do you want more?
The answer now was a BIGGER yes.’

‘Things that make you happy are only your desires
The more it grows, the more it pains
Happiness is only when you want nothing
And let the pain go in the drain.’

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