Wednesday, February 8, 2012

0097: Good Intentions, a Poem


I watched my good intentions fall to the floor,
Then, I saw my good intentions roll out the door.
They kept on rolling till they rolled into the sea.
Oh! I never should have let them get away from me!

I think it's possible to get them back once more.
This time, I won't let them fall on the floor.
The sea rolled back my good intentions quite happily.
With a wave of joyfulness, the sea called out to me.

Watch your good intentions transform into good deeds.
Because this is exactly what the whole world needs.
Not just thinking of the good that can be done!
But in acting on your intentions, brings good to everyone!

It's healthy for the body, & even healthier to the soul.
For you might also pick someone up who has fallen in a hole!
Good intentions become good actions bringing happiness.
Don't drop your good intentions, act on them, go, & God bless.

Written by Patricia Kubicki on March 7, 2011

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