Wednesday, September 28, 2011

0069: Blue Cheese

Whether you are having it with chicken wings or over a filet mignon or even over crispy potato chips, I love blue cheese... just a few days ago I learned that it is good for you too!!

  1. Blue cheese has a blue or blue-green mold in it called Penicillium roqueforti. The mold is related to penicillin and fights harmful bacteria in the body. (Source:
  2. Protein is the building block for muscles, cells and organs. The recommended dietary allowance for women is 46g each day and 56g for men. One oz of blue cheese contains 6g of protein... (Source:
  3. Blue cheese contains a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, protein and calcium. Calcium can prevent bone loss, prevent migraines, prevent blood clotting, and can help regulate your blood pressure. The milk protein in this cheese neutralizes plaque acids and also can help prevent tooth decay. (Source:

So, blue cheese for everyone!! ok, in moderation... need ideas?

Blue Cheese Chips: warm the chips in the oven (or make them fresh if you know how),
make a blue cheese sauce (I combine blue cheese dressing with lots of blue cheese crumbles
then warm the sauce), pour when you are ready to eat. YUM!!!
Blue Cheese Filet Mignon: cook your steak to taste then add the blue cheese sauce,
I use a lot more cheese than sauce here then under the broiler...
Blue Cheese Mac n Cheese: definitely add bacon and a glass of red wine!!!

Oh so yummy!!!!

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