Saturday, December 3, 2011

0087: Winter Pictures - Siberia, Russia

I live in South Florida, a place where winters can be considered a joke because if we go below 50 F (10 C) it is rare and everyone starts dressing like we live in Siberia - it's really quite hysterical :-)

So when I began seeing significant snow and frozen lake pictures on Instagram I was once again reminded of how different our lives are despite sharing this wonderful Earth... Some of the pictures I've seen are amazing so I thought I'd write about winter beauty starting with Siberia, Russia!! A place so foreign and mysterious to most of us, but a place that I always associate with untouched beauty. 

Did you know that Siberia (possibly from the Mongolian for "the calm land") is a vast region of Russia and northern Kazakhstan constituting almost all of northern Asia. All but the extreme south-western area of Siberia lies in Russia, and it makes up about 75% of that country's territory. Siberia remained a mostly unexplored and uninhabited area for the longest time. By the mid-17th century, only a few exploratory missions and traders inhabited Siberia. The other group that were sent to Siberia were prisoners exiled from western Russia. The first great change to Siberia was the Trans-Siberian railway, constructed in 1891 - 1905. It linked Siberia more closely to the rapidly-industrializing Russia of Nicholas II. Siberia is filled with natural resources and during the 20th century these were developed, and industrial towns cropped up throughout the region.

Here are just a few pictures to remind us all of the force of nature as well as the adaptability of people.
Siberia’s Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world—at over a mile (1,700 meters)—and holds an incredible 20 percent of Earth’s unfrozen fresh water. Formed some 25 million years ago, it’s also the world’s oldest lake. Because of its age and isolation, hundreds of aquatic species evolved here that are found nowhere else on the planet.
Photograph by Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images
Winter wonderland. (Tobolsk, Russia) Ru.Su Photography

In the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk members of a winter swimmers club get out of the Yenisei River after a short swim with air temperature measuring about -36C (-32.8F). Can you believe this? Amazing!!!

Just thought this was great. It is from The caption reads, "When it is -60 F (-50 C) outside, the car windows never get rid of the ice and snow. Even when the heater is on to its maximum." So funny!!

So I guess the next time you think its cold, its all relative!! Stay warm!! 

30-Day challenge Update - SUCCESS!!! Yesterday, day 8, I did all three!! I blogged, I drew and I biked (2.5 miles). Today I have just blogged so only two to go - not sure but can it be?? two days in a row :-) we will see!!!

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