Wednesday, January 25, 2012

0095: Centenarians

My grandma, "Abuelita" - last year, at 100 years old.
My beautiful grandmother is 101 years old. She still reads the newspaper (in it's entirety), some gossip rags (primarily looking for any stories about royals) and novels, both non-fiction and fiction. She is currently reading a novel about ancient conspiracies... She also walks around with her walker to get her exercise and still takes her beauty routine quite seriously - I think she has been using Elizabeth Arden most of her life, maybe she needs to be a spokeswoman for them!!  :-)

I've had several conversations with her about her longevity and her most important bit of advice is to have a strong mental outlook. This will allow you to remain focused on your internal and external self. She also thinks we should enjoy life, everything in moderation! I don't really know if she has ever been on a "diet" in her life but she certainly was always particular with what she ate.

Today I came across an online article titled, "11 Habits That Will Help You Live to 100". It talks about how researchers have discovered that centenarians (people that live to be 100+) tend to share certain traits in how they eat, move about, and deal with stress - the sorts of things we can emulate to improve our own aging process. I found the list interesting so thought I'd share (click on the link above to read the entire article):

1. Don't Retire, stay active whether volunteering or farming or anything else in between 

2. Floss Every Day to minimize bacteria, which can lead to heart disease

3. Exercise to improve mood, mental acuity, balance, muscle mass, and bones

4. Eat fiber-rich cereal for breakfast to help stabilize blood sugar levels

5. Sleep at least 6 hours every night to help regulate and heal cells

6. Eat whole foods, not supplements

7. Be Less Neurotic, roll with the punches - this is also at the top of my grandmother's list...

8.  Be a Creature of Habit, with diet, sleep and exercise

9. Stay Connected, be socially active avoiding depression and having someone watch your back

10. Be Conscientious, be prudent, persistent, well organized

11. Cherish Your Body, no smoking, alcohol abuse or overindulging in sweets. Again, good diet, exercise, with a focus on family and community.

Personally, I am living my life as if I will live to be 110. Some people don't ever want to think of living to 100 or beyond, I'm excited to be planning it this far out!! At the end of the day, I would consider it a privilege to live that long and in case I do, I want to be able to be as independent as my grandmother is today...


  1. Abuelita looks amazing! I think she could pass for being in her 70's or 80's in that picture. Maybe I need to start the Elizabeth Arden regimen early on in life... :-)

    1. Thanks Danielle! I have to admit, I use some of their products purely because of Abuelita's skin :-)